The Next [Next] Generation

This morning brought sunshine and another day of paintball biathlon to the Adirondack  region!  We headed out into the cold fueled on coffee and freshly baked banana bread.  What more could one ask for?

Dewy Mountain hosted us this morning, and despite the rain and limited snow fall this past week they did an incredible job getting the trails set up for us!  After organizing the largest assortment of itty bitty race bibs I’ve ever seen the families started to roll in one at a time. J5 after J5 came in with contagious grins plastered across their faces.  I’ve never seen so many 8 year olds pumped to ski.

The kids didn’t seem to care about the cold, or the icy trails.  They didn’t seem to mind the fact that skiing when your legs are that little must be really difficult, and sweaty, and uncomfortable… and probably incredibly awkward.  (Maybe it’s just me, but skating has taken me a long time to feel more natural and less slippery)

We were all smiles, and excitement, and enthusiasm.  At Dewy this morning flailing limbs were all the rage and gliding completely optional, and on top of that everyone had a blast. Race bibs were exchanged for high fives and lollipops.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.  Not a bad way at all.

Chin Up. Head Down.

So I have good news.  The kind of news that makes you do back flips on the inside.  …and break out into spontaneous jigs of joy on the outside.

I had afforded myself enough heartbreak and disappointment with my season after North American Championships.  Physically sick and emotionally exhausted I needed to change my outlook on the remainder of my season.

1. Get healthy.
2. Focus on training for next year.

People mentioned the IBU Cup races in Canmore in February… that they would consider naming more athletes.  All it made me want  to do was  irrationally (and childishly) cover my ears and yell, “LAH LAH LAH I can’t hear you!!!!”  I figured Canmore was a long shot. I had been sick for a month.  I wasn’t going to set myself up for that. Break my heart once shame on you. Break my heart twice shame on me.

Needless to say when I received an email from Max Cobb earlier this week announcing that I would get to start in IBU Cup 6 in Canmore (yep, next weekend) I sort of went into shock.  I had to reread the email not once, not twice, but three times to make sure I had in fact read it right.  Mind Blown.

These will be the most expensive race starts on my (very short) biathlon career.  Better race like they are worth every penny.  The following is a very rash list of my possible fundraising endeavors.

1. Give up my first born child (sorry future kid)

2. Give up an arm or a leg

3. Bake sale (how many cookies does it take to get to Canmore)

4. Sell a kidney.  I only need one anyway right?

5. Hitch hike to Canmore, starting… last week (oops)

6. Other hasty, rash, and unmentionable ideas.

I’ve never been so stoked to be this broke in my life!  Canmore bound on Wednesday!!!!  Send along all those good vibes!