Dewy Mountain Day

Yesterday was a little bittersweet.  I’m headed to Montana on Monday for Nationals… and although I’m super excited to go end the season out west I’m bummed that yesterday was probably my last day skiing with “my kids” for the winter.  That’s right parents… I’ve emotionally adopted your children.  Congratulations Lake Placid.  I’m pretty sure that’s the final step to being attached to a community.

I want to take this opportunity to thank NYSEF and Dewy Mtn for letting me be a super volunteer coach and  run around in the woods with your kids for the past couple of months.  It has been a very challenging season for me but you guys made Lake Placid home.  The outpouring of positive support I have received over the past couple of months has been absolutely incredible.  I feel like I am truly a part of your community and for that, I can not thank you enough.

All that being said… way to rock Dewy Mtn Day!

(Van coming into shoot)

(Congratulating Liam on an awesome first race ever!  Lollipops for everyone!)

Getting ready for awards and bib draw and hyenas… (I mean kids!) gather

(Leading out on the snow shoe portion for team Peregrine Falcon Speedies in the BoxShort Triathlon Relay)

(The youngest Franz boy contemplating getting in on the racing action… that or smiling for a lollipop)

(Team Peregrine Falcon Speedies were victorious! Our anchor Tate really sealed the deal.)

So I might not be at World Champs… or NCAAs… but I think Dewy Mtn was the place for me to be on Saturday.  After all… we are the Golden Boxers Champions of 2012!

Oh Winter!

… Oh Spring?  Oh winter?  Spring?  Oh for pete’s sake ya big tease!!!

I have no idea what season it is anymore.  It changes so fast I can’t keep up!  Welcome to March I guess…  Even after almost a full day of rain and temperatures soaring well into the 50’s we managed to get snow last night.  So what’s a girl to do with a little fresh snow?  Adventure time!

That’s right. Rocked the fish scales down the road this morning and into Marcy Dam.  The sun was shining.  The forest critters were milling in Snow White Disney-esque fashion. At one point after catching myself from nearly disastrous face plants I laughed and said, “Oh jeeze watch out there is some snow in our rocks!”

But I made it.  Reveling in some much needed Vitamin D and quite time on the trail… I really can’t complain.

Now here is some pretty horrendous cell-phone journalism!

My Favorite Moment on Skis

I’ve been periodically going in and skiing with the students of Lake Placid Elementary School. (Yeah they get to ski in gym class how cool is that!?) It’s been fantastic.  I think I relate to 8 year old really well… mostly because we share a very similar level of passion for skiing.  You know.  Uphills are hard… but pretty awesome.  Downhills can be scary…. but also pretty awesome. In general, skiing is… pretty awesome!

The kids seem to really enjoy themselves.  I think I’ve only had one kid lay on the ground and yell, “I’m dieing!!!” (yes 8 year olds and I share that too… we can be a little dramatic)

I’ve had four different classes, and once we are all back in the gym. Skis, boots, and poles aside we get to dive into a little Q&A time.  With elementary school students it really is a dive.  You can’t be sure what you are going to get.  And I do my best to field there questions in relatable, appropriate ways.  Today brought a gem of a question.  “What is your favorite moment on skis?”  I did my best to share a good memory of mine, something about what a great day I had racing in Ridnaun last season… But on my run this afternoon I just kept thinking about it.  What is my favorite moment on skis???

I honestly don’t know if I can pinpoint ONE favorite moment.  One memory…  But instead I’d like to share some of my favorites with you.

Most of the moments that come flitting back to me are ones where I did “taboo” things on my skis.  I think in part because I skipped that whole “grow up playing on your skis” phase of life.   Those moments of frolic and adventure really grab my attention right off the bat.  Sharks and minnows with NYSEF and the Dewy Mtn crew.  Running across the road on my fish scales and laughing so hard at myself because I thought I was SUCH a rebel.  Being coaxed up the Whiteface toll road to the allure of boxed wine and swedish fish with good company.  Trying to ski the single track… in the dark.

I have great memories from my first years as a skier.  (some more type 3 funny than others)

That day when there was so much snow at practice we couldn’t see our boots or our skis.  So much snow that we found ourseleves penquin sliding down the hills on our stomachs.  So much snow if felt like we were floating.

I look back fondly all the times Molly’s dad took us skiing at ABR.  How he tried to get us to classic ski up this (nonexistent) incline… and how I couldn’t do it.  … how I cried about it.  I picture myself stomping my feet and cursing that “stupid hill” and that “stupid drill”.  I picture myself on the verge of a total break down. and I laugh.

There was that freestyle race I had to classic ski because I had just had knee surgery… and how I almost won.

The weekend I realized a good race didn’t depend on where I finished on the results sheet.

Or how about those rollerskis when its starts raining.  You stop and sort of look up at the sky… as if to say, “Really?!?! Rain?? Come on!!!” only for it to start raining even harder.

The days with perfect corduroy or bullet-proof tracks under blue bird skies.  When you have unbeatable kick and mind blowing glide.  The days when it’s puking snow and you can’t tell which way is up.

This winter when VanHo finally got enough snow to make the trails almost level and you get to bomb down from High Notch with a bunch of 10 year olds in tow.  Everyone so excited to be flying through the woods.

Taking a break from racing in Europe to classic ski up some pass in Germany.  Only stopping to enjoy cold cokes and hot sausages in the sunshine.  Exhaling altogether, as if we finally have all managed to catch our breath again.

Breaking trail up Bozeman Creek as we looked for things to huck ourselves off of.  Carrying donuts in our packs.

Trading high fives with Lollipop racers who don’t care that it’s bitter cold and skiing makes them sweat.


I could go on and on.  But I’ll spare you from my own nostalgia.  I know skiing hasn’t even been part of my life for that long.  I guess that just means… I have a lot to look forward to.  As I have many favorite moments yet to come.






The Art of Doing Nothing

As a full time athlete it often feels like you have copious amounts of time on your hands.  (and somehow… no free time at all?)

You have to fill this void.  You have to find creative ways to do nothing.  So that ONE, your brain won’t turn to mush… and TWO, you’ll also actually get those precious hours of rest in that are so important when sports are your job.

Who knew doing nothing could be so difficult? tedious? and often times unenjoyable?  For me it really did use to be all of those things.  But with some serious practice (yeah ok I have to take all aspects of this full time athlete thing seriously) I’ve gotten alot better at just that… doing nothing.

When we are not getting ready to go training, traveling to training, training, traveling home from training, showering (yeah even we sweat), eating, afternoon pre training snacking, getting ready for more training, training, showering some more, and of course eating even more… we still find ourselves with hours to fill.  And you see it’s especially important to master this skill in the spring and summer… because come winter and racing there is less training (and associated nonsense) to take up your time!  And when a rest week or tapering time comes around and you have not properly prepared… Hello mental breakdown or a rather mean case of little restless leg syndrome!

So for all of you out there here is a little (somewhat aggressive and mostly complete) list of how to do nothing like a professional amateur by yours truly, Corrine Malcolm.

Napping.  Master this tool and you are 60% better at doing nothing.  Eat some food, drink some tea, find a dark corner, snuggle up in a warm blanket and pass the heck out.  As athletes we know that resting is when our bodies gets stronger, right? Of course right. Moving on.

Embrace your artsy-self.  As a person who is not ashamed to rock full body spandex you must not be afraid to well… put it all out there.   Man this should really have it’s own section…

Paint or draw.  I do not care if you are the world’s best doodler or the master of stick figure art, break out that sketch pad or note book and get after it.  (Yes this is also where I start to shamelessly plug team mates and friends) One of my team mates Hannah is quite the painter and when she is on the road traveling for training and racing she makes some pretty incredible art work.  Check it out here!

Strum, Bang, Clang, Toot.  How many times have to talked about learning the guitar or the piano? (ok I know traveling with a piano is unrealistic) Well you know that time between nap time and snack time (man I sound like a kindergardener!) pick up that guitar and strum… strum quietly as to not wake your room/house-mates.  Use that solid 30 minutes of time before you get a hankering for some cereal to learn a handful of chords.  Let’s face it…your attention span isn’t much longer than that anyway.

Write. This is my go to.  I have notebooks of notes.  Of half written monologues, poems, and short stories.  Articles, imaginary and real. Pep talks. Conversations I will never have with people… atleast not real people.  Write because those thoughts that are screaming around inside your mind need to go somewhere, and paper won’t talk back.

Learn. Take a class. Read something really nerdy that you secretly can’t get enough of.  I have this odd fascination with nutrition.  With health sciences.  I was recently asked by a friend for a list of books on nutrition that were… “readable” Readable?  Right not everyone can read medical journals and stay awake. Silly me. Secret super nerd.   

Get Crafty.  Create.  Build. (rebuild) …what have you. Get your hands dirty.

Plant. Sew. Knit. Build. Spackle. Grout?   Grow something, basil, mint, whatever…. something that you probably won’t kill.  Get a pet Cactus (name it Jelly Donut). Sew something you wildly domestic freak. Knit a hat…. Or in my case attempt over and over and over again.  I have recently made a series of really horribly awkwardly shaped/sized purple hats…  Try, try again.  Help a team mate or friend with those house renovations that they can’t afford to pay outside help to do… because lets face it… you’ll work for food.

Cook some really time intensive things.  Sour dough bread? Apple sauce?  Baked goods that you will shamelessly give away because although you really like to make cookies and pie you really do not want eat a whole batch or an entire pie. (Someone has to ski up hill after all)

Dream.  I spend a lot of time day dreaming.  I’ve sketched the future garden I want to have some day probably a dozen times. I’ve dreamed about the houses, huts, cabins, yurts, and humble abodes I could see myself living in at some point or another.  Is it weird that I’ve already named farm animals that I may or may not want to have at some point down the road?  (on the ‘list’ might be two goats named Cornelius and Fergie… I will forgetfully refer to them as my ‘kids’)  Dream about whatever meal it is you really want to have when you finish that 3 hour rollerski… and then fight your odd craving for Sprite, Sprite? Why?

Lastly and most importantly… I highly encourage and suggest lying about how much time you might spend fumbling around the confines of the inter-web…

S*%t Happens

Shit happens… even if you really don’t want it to.

Only days after the mishap during the World Championships Mixed Relay I got to experience my own target mishap.  Thank goodness mine was in a NorAm.  If having a season of domestic racing is to have a silver lining it might be that… messing up happens, best to get it out of the way now.

Trust me.  I mess up this whole biathlon thing frequently.  But today.  Today was not my fault.  I promise this is not a verbal tantrum.  After spending most the race fighting the urge to throw my arm in the air and yell, “Really!?!? I do not understand!”  all I can do is laugh and shake my head.  Maybe shrug my shoulders.

Alot of things were out of our control today.  The weather has no idea what it wants.  Sunny. Sleeting. Pouring rain.  50mph wind gusts…. If you want to know what shooting in a hurricane feels like you should have come out to VanHo this morning.  I came into shoot standing and the mat was upside down… I didn’t even notice until I was sliding across it precariously close to the firing line.  Apparently the wind had tried to blow several mats away while we were out on course… oops!  (didn’t stop me from hitting 4 of 5!)

The biggest flop of the day was my prone shooting.  Skiing in behind a pack of youth men in their uniformly awkward baggy spandex suits I jumped into a clean point. Lucky number 9 (note that whatever number I end up with for a race, shooting, bib number, what have you… makes it either my favorite/lucky number even if it is only for the 30seconds that I’m on the shooting mat)

Range procedure. Boom. Good work Corrine. Check. Good shot. hit target! YOOOHOO! open bolt. close bolt… What!?!?  Oh right… yeah someone pushed the wrong button.  All of a sudden I found myself looking at a closed target.  All the paddles were up.  I opened my bolt and called for a range official… ok not that calm… I yelled, “HEY!!!! Someone fix my target!”  (I was in the heat of the moment ok?)

They cleared the target.  The next three targets go down seamlessly.  I then forgot I had ejected a round and had to hand load my last shot. Hit!  5 for 5 and feeling good.  Knowing you don’t have to ski that stinking penalty loop is the best feeling in the world.  I always think to myself, “Hah! Hah! Sucker!” as a ski by it.

Today it wasn’t clear… do I ski the penalty loop?  I did in fact shoot five bullets. and hit five targets.  I had to make a choice… I didn’t ski the penalty loop.  At the moment it felt right.  In retrospect it might not have been the best option… but sometimes the best option is not the one you want to go with right away.

I spent the rest of the race wondering if I would get a two minute penalty for that skipped loop.  I felt like a resentful child.  I was NOT going to be punished for something I didn’t do. Hah! As if!

I still don’t know if I got that two minute penalty or not.  And honestly… oh well? Lucky for me it is just a NorAm.  It is just a biathlon race.  And guess what else?  Despite that target hiccup… It was my best day of shooting in a race ever!  …90%  Go me!