Happiness Training

As I write this it’s 55degrees and raining, and somehow, defiantly so, I am happy.

I spent the past couple of weeks in an epic pursuit of happiness that brought me out west to snow, sunshine, and good company.  Such good company!  Even now I feel the happiness radiating through me, lingering.


Although I have written a little about my struggles with my health over the past few months I’ve opted out of acknowledging just how much I was truly struggling out East mentally and emotionally.  In general I like to think I’m a pretty positive person and I’m struggling to write about… struggling.   I don’t want people to worry about me, because more often than not I feel like worry only transpires into self-doubt.

However, my trip to the West was a daily reminder of how truly fortunate and loved I am, and a blatant acknowledgement of just how utterly sad and empty I was this summer and fall.  Somehow, through all of this I’ve managed to find some great clarity, despite the giant jumble of a life I lead.

This summer I might have found bottom.  A training cave of what can most closely be described as dismal…. but in it I also found my strength.  I now know more clearly than ever that even though I’m willing to sacrifice so much for this small portion of my life, I am not willing to sacrifice my sanity… or my happiness.  I now know that if I want to find success in this or any piece of my life I can not do it without being happy.

Throughout the past couple of weeks I stocked up on hugs, and when asked what I was doing in Canmore or Bozeman I simply responded with, “Happiness Training.” …and it truly was just that.  Just what I needed.

I can not thank all the people who made the last few weeks possible enough.  New and old friends, former team mates, and the families that welcomed me into their homes.  Especially (but of course not limited to) The national guard team, the Irwin family and the MSU alpine team, Andrew, Wes, Andie, Stephen and the Montana house.  You guys all made my trip bliss, and for that I can not thank you enough!

I learned that happiness training is more than a diet of wine and donuts.  More than running up snowy canyons, and racing with beautiful blue skies.  Happiness training is good, but having other goobers to share it with makes it great.