Sick Day.


Ew. Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew.

I don’t get sick….right?  Atleast thats what I like to tell myself.  I’ve watched team mates in the past make themselves sick by worrying.  I avoid disease, I wash my hands, I don’t lick table tops.  I do my best to try to avoid packs and mobs of sniffling, hacking, woozy looking people.  I survived my entire freshmen year at school in a 13 story dorm building jam packed full of every sort of walking epidemic imaginable.  …but occasionally my body breaks down, it gives up, and I fall apart.

One thing just ran right into another. On our rollerski I felt a little lethargic.  My muscles were tired from the beating we had given them the day before, but this was more than just being sore.  I slowed down and crawled forward at my own pace.  By that afternoon my head felt like a brick and by that evening I knew I was done.  I’ve never been sick quite like this until now. My forehead throbs un-relentlessly…and when I cough it feels like my temples are going to explode.  I’m wheezy and my lungs feel heavy.

We just went through the biggest seasonal change we’ve had yet as the days went from sunny and 75 to rainy and 50.  I suppose I was just one of the many victims of the weather change this time around.  My body might have not known how to respond to the abrupt change and everything just kind of ran array?

We are going on day number two now of feeling a disease-ridden shell of myself.  I’m staying warm, sleeping alot (10hours last night), drinking tea and water until I could burst, and filling myself up to the brim with cold eezzzzz.  I would like to think my body is well on its way to mending itself but I guess all I can do is wait.

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