Oh excuse me.

With 13 athletes from all different programs from all over the country you’re bound to be on different training plans right?  We are quite a mixed bunch, some with plans, some with out, some under the guidance of our trip coach and leader… however yesterday I would be the only one not taking the day off.  (don’t worry I got today off instead)

So while the team slept, lounged, and roamed around town eating tasty baked goods Vlad and I headed over to the venue.  On the docket….strength intervals, L4 intervals, and tolerance intervals!   Mmmm Mmmm my favorite way to start the day.  Full of coffee and a egg sandwich (European eating is just my style) I was ready to go.  We convinced the range men to let me use an unassigned point and I promised to not get in anyones way…well atleast I’d try.

Vlad stayed on the range long enough to zero me and then he was off to cover and wax a seemingly endless procession of skis.  I was sharing a rifle rack with the Polish girls who were all very friendly, just another normal day?  I was on point 11, which ended up being in the middle of one of the russian boxes.  Which was fine, basically inbetween every interval I would just ski over inbetween all the russian coaches and start pushing buttons.  The first time I definitely startled a few of them when they realized I was wearing the wrong blue suit!  With their athletes  also doing intervals there was some overflow onto my point but when I would roll into my point and look lost they were quick to scramble and get the target cleared and on the right stage.

It was really relaxed even with everyone sprinting around.  It was sunny, the sky was clear and I got to put down the first tracks on the freshly groomed trails.  It all made for a really calm morning and was the perfect way to start the week seeing as how this place is only going to get more and more busy!

The final part of my workout was my favorite.  Tolerance intervals.  The basic purpose is to help train your body to handle lactic acid so that your body can continue to perform.  I’ve started to do 5 of these after all of my intensity (races and time trials included) sessions.  I find the biggest hill, preferably long and steep and just hammer…trying to move as fast as I possibly can.  Alpine areas work really well for this, but at this venue I had to settle for whatever I could find.  I picked an awesome hill which had felt pretty long and steep and went for it.  Odd looks and musings aside it was fun…. and actually made this hill seem a lot smaller!  I’m looking forward to the races knowing I can charge that sucker!


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