State Side!

After a very long day of travel I arrived back on US soil.  Spent and tired, but happy to be back home after a long stint in Europe racing.  It was an incredible trip!  We stayed in some amazing places, ate incredible food, and skied on some pretty awesome trails….oh yeah and racing was fun too!

We traveled for almost 24 hours yesterday, and I had a lot of time to think back on everything.  That’s what happen’s when you have 12 hours of flying time and plenty of car time, and plenty of just sitting around doing nothing time.

I learned alot from my trip and will take alot away from the past 6 weeks.  Perfect right?   I sure hope so!

Here are some things note.

I would like to learn German.  I’m talking more than the basics, much more conversation worthy.  Practical Practical Practical! …I might also have a better idea of whats for dinner, and more importantly dessert.  Though playing the “not really sure what I’m eating” game is always a good time.

I really really really want to make my own pasta.  Visiting Italy was both a race experience and foodie experience.  If I learned one thing.  Food should be enjoyed.  Eaten slowly.  And savored.  Here’s to getting creative, inventive, and messy in the kitchen!  Who said you should play with your food?

Europe is kicking our tushes in the all things chocolate, coffee, and beer.  COME ON AMERICA!?

Shooting (yes something related to why I went to Europe in the first place)…  Well first I learned I needed to get better at shooting.  I acknowledged the fact that you can’t rely solely on skiing fast to make it on the international circuit.  Step one!  Yes!  But after the individual on tuesday and then the sprint on saturday I know now that I not only need to get better but that I want to get better.  I want to be a good shot.  I WANT IT!  Exciting yes?  I think this is a real turning point for me.  Good things to come for sure.

Lastly!  The US has a place in this sport and these other countries are going to have to take notice.  Kelly and I got to zero on point three for the pursuit!  Point 3!  Right smack in the middle of Russia, France, and Italy.  That is right where we should be, right where we want to be!  With a little more time, experience, and confidence we are going to be there.


On another note I just want to thank everyone so much for all the amazing support and encouragement I’ve received this season!  Its been incredible.  I feel very fortunate to have such an amazing group of people in my life.  Team mates, coaches and techs, family and friends.  We’ve got a few races left and then some much needed down time!

I’ve got my feelers out to try and round up some new pictures to put on here.  My camera was either dead or forgotten much of the last two weeks but I’ll find something have no fear!



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