Holy Jetlagged Batman!

Oh billy!

Its been a rough couple of days… I’ve  always said and always been told that flying west is always easier than flying east.  wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!  …atleast this time around.  We got back to the states monday night tired and worn out.  That night I slept like a baby, out cold, and didn’t wake up.  It was beautiful.  That day hungry came and went, an afternoon nap was as tempting as ice cream (and I love ice cream), and I was close to falling asleep at the dinner table.  Tuesday night I was asleep before my head touched the pillow…and then it began.

I was awake.  Awake awake….at 4am. 4 in the morning? yes. ew.

I was not a happy camper.  I laid there for a while.  until I eventually gave up and removed myself from my covers and started the day.  By 9am I wondered if it was lunch time.  System officially out of wack.

The last few nights have been pretty similar.  passing out with exhaustion at night and awake by 6am.  Its killing me.  I’m trying to go about my days as normal as possible and yet  just seem to be adjusting horribly…horribly slowly!

I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will click soon.  Just keep chugging I suppose.  My body has to flip the switch at some point!  ….right?

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