Big Kids

My first national team camp started yesterday!  That’s right, officially one of the big kids!  …words like professional and grown up are coming to mind…but I’m still definitely the bouncy distracted boisterous youngster of the bunch.  Get one little smidgen of refined sugar in me and its a disaster!

Its suppose to be a rainy week here in up state NewYork.  Its the east, humid, wet, and virtually everything rusts.  But what can you do about it?  Its my new home for now, best start loving it.

Most of us are living in the Olympic Training Center.  We’ve got big dormitory style rooms (my mystery sports medicine intern room mate doesn’t get here until the end of the month at which point I will commence calling her MY intern) which have seen some upgrades over the past couple weeks.  New carpet? check!  New full sized beds?  Yes please!  Sure my shower doesn’t drain real well yet (bring it on drainO!) and my radiator still isn’t in commission, I think I will like it here.  We have tons of resources at our fingertips!  The food has been fine so far, the greens are green and the grains well prepared.  and my favorite of all…the sports med center!  The place is amazing.  And since its mostly odd winter sports here the trainers are stoked to work with us.  A jumbo ice bath big enough for plenty of company and massages to slowly work out all the built up tension in my body.  HOORAH I say to you HOOORAH!

My drying rack is covered in slooooowly drying bike clothes and my stinky wet shoes have been assigned their very own stinky corner of the laundry room.  Thank goodness, those things are stinky.  Like…embarassingly stinky.

I’m stoked to have coaches and what seems like a great group of women to train with.  Training is so easy when you aren’t alone all the time.  They will definitely help during our 4 hour bike ride tomorrow!  I’m really excited about having such a great opportunity here and to have a supportive group working to help me reach my potential and my goals.

We’ve got shooting practice this afternoon and I’m nervous…not only will it be my first time shooting in quite a while but it will be my first bullets I shoot through my brand new barrel!  I should never miss another target again…right?  Wish me luck!

I’ll try to keep you updated regularly and if it ever stops raining I’ll make sure to have my camera along to share pictures of my new home with you.

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