How does this go again?

When it comes to my health, my well being, and my training I would say I’m a haphazard mix of cautious… and bullheaded youthful stupidity.

Sure I’m still a terrible nap taker but I’ve gotten really good at taking my rest day every week.  …and although I still struggle with rest weeks I’ve gotten a lot better at fueling during and after my workouts.  Its a balancing act.

A place I still struggle though is when you are on the upswing.  That tender troublesome span of time when you are coaxing your body to turn around and inch its way back toward healthy. Back towards 100%.  I mean so when are you better?  Truly better?  How many days to you take off…or take easy?  When can you get back into the normal routine?  When can you join your team mates in intervals?  When are you being dumb and when are you being too cautious?

Is there a secret systematic check list I’m unaware of?  What are the rules?  I’ve always relied on a coach to tell me whats best for me.  So when they ask well how do you feel…I freeze up.  Well I feel okay.  I still spend quality time in the morning hacking, coughing, and blowing yellow nasty-ness from my throat and nose.  But I feel ok.  And sure I’m not a napper and I’ve been crashing hard…I fell asleep sitting upright after lunch yesterday.  But I mean…I feel ok. right?

I’m the athlete that goes until I drop.  The kid who doesn’t quit until my body physically gives up or gives out.  This whole being cautious thing is really foreign to me.  I feel like such a wimp.  Tip toeing around.  Don’t break Corrine.  Its not me.  But I’m training smarter right?

So is it really all this guess work?  Isn’t there something more concrete that I can rely on!?!?

I guess thats just how it goes.  I’m trying to listen to my body more closely.  To understand it and catch it before it falls apart.  I just wish someone else could tell me what I need…its always been easier that way.

2 thoughts on “How does this go again?

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, take it easy. You will be more and more experienced in the course of your carrer. You certainly will do some mistakes but you can learn from it. You are only at the beginning.

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