Westward Bound!

Sitting in the airport right now getting more and more excited.  I can’t believe its October already!  I can’t believe I’ve been in Lake Placid since May!  …I’m on my way to Bozeman today, and for some reason…it sort of feels like I’m going home.  My time in Montana will be a little mini break on my way to Utah for our annual national team training camp .  I’m excited for mountains.  I’m excited for big blue sky!  I’m excited to see my old team mates!!!

I haven’t seen many of my MSU team mates since I left for northern maine a little over a year ago.  One year…it feels like five.

Time for coffee, and walking, and adventuring with good friends and great people.

One thought on “Westward Bound!

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, enjoy your sojourn at home very pleasantly. And try to recover your power, you will need it. If I am not wrong then there soon will be the second qualification set of races for the camp in Sweden. Perhaps already in Utah.

    PS. Corrine, I have read that Bozeman is the town where possibly will be OWG sometimes in the future (2022). It would not be bad at all if you were top athlete in that time yet.

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