We are officially through the first couple days of our team camp in Utah.  The weather turned around.  We’ve had sunshine every day so far.  Cool mornings that make us dress in layers and layers.  You can’t feel your hands to zero and then as soon as the sun comes up over the ridge into solider hollow it warms up fast.  …and those layers come off fast.

The coaches have really been stressing the shooting with us the last couple of days.  lots and lots of rounds. rounds and rounds of rounds.  …and so today we broke away from the range and got to go exploring.  We headed toward park city to venture into the hills.  Sara, Annelies, and I got dropped off and we headed for the Mid-Mountain trail.

The colors are out in full force here, with snow still on some of the ridges and peaks around here it makes a really great backdrop for training.  We ran through the aspen groves and oak scrub following the single track towards The Canyons.

Within the first hour we were talking a very reluctant moose off the trail.  After a few minutes of sweet talking and a little singing we got the yearling to move up the hill and away from us.  We ran into another mama moose and her baby they panicked just as much as we did when we came around the corner and saw them standing there.  With a yelp we stopped dead in our tracks and they bolted down hill….fast.

Tomorrow we jump into our first really intensity session of the camp and it will be nice to move fast again!  Until then there are peaches and tea to be had.


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  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, your trip had to be very nice. Mainly if your meeting with wild animals has ended well for all participants. The pictures you took are really marvelous. Sunny autumn is always full of various colors and together with Annelies´s sport suit no color of a palete is missing.

    PS: Corrine, you know yourself that shooting is a basic thing in the biathlon. We can disagree with that, protest against it but it is all what we can do. Therefore such training. But you withstand it.

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