Short a Limb

Yep that’s me.  Back down to three limbs.  I got so excited  to have both arms again…that I sort of went overboard.  and by overboard I just mean that I jumped back in to training with my national team guys and gals.  Full speed ahead…right?

Wrong.  I should have expected back tracking to occur.  I know better that you can’t skip over the whole “rehab” process.  You can’t go from 0 to 100%….but I sure gave it a real good try.

Finally did some intervals again.  Did the first time trial.  And then BAM!  That all too familiar lingering pain and discomfort crept back into my shoulder and down my arm.  Things got tight.  Every time I move my arm you can hear things click, pop, and pull.  And so once again we pulled the plug on my vain effort of a painful catch up.

And so….if you put two and two together you have realized by now that I will not be going to Europe for the first set of races.  Injury will do that.  It doesn’t help when you can’t race and the qualification process is clearly written out “Best TWO out of four races.”  I didn’t even get to race two…. oops!

Not a lot one can do about that.

So that being said.  I’m headed back to Lake Placid.  “Back home”  I’ll be there with my team mates until they leave for Europe towards the middle of November.  and then…I’m on my own!  Relatively.

The plan right now is to keep me out east (weather permitting) until I go to Minnesota for racing before christmas.  So its not exactly what I wanted… but after meeting with my coaches I’m excited.  re-excited perhaps?  Since I will be one of the only biathletes in placid for a bit I’ll get lots of one on one coaching, and lets face it…I could use a lot of that.


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