Another Day Another Race

Or so it would seem.  And you guessed it.  I have another one tomorrow.

Today. Oh today….  Today went a baby step better than yesterday.  So I guess you could say it went as planned?  I managed to properly loose the race in a matter of seconds.  Awesome yes?  Thats biathlon for you.  You can go from a solid 15 seconds up to a minute back in a matter of seconds.  As my coach would say, “Corrine, you have fallen in love with the most amazingly frustrating sport on the planet.”  And I think that is a perfectly accurate picture.

So as my love affair with biathlon rages on I only hope I can put together better and better days.

Fun Fact:  After the race tomorrow I will have successfully doubled my time on snow this season!  Wild, right?

Although I am not where I would like to be right now and not where I know I could be right now. I’m ok with it.  (ok obviously I want much much more, but to keep me from ripping my hair out with shear frustration…. I am ok with it, I am ok with it, I am ok with it. has become my mantra)

So its not ideal.  But here’s the thing.  Even with all the nonsense of the last few months I’m further ahead than I was at this point last season.  And even though my racing form is far from right on and I’m far from 100%… I’m happy.  Mostly because for the first time since August I am able to ski with out being in constant pain.  And I will take that over great races right now!  Because being able to ski without every single pole plant shooting searing pain through my arm and shoulder is something that I am so truly grateful for.



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