The Itch

Tonight I was granted the good fortune of watching the world tour of the Banff Film Festival here in Lake Placid.

6 films. Some serious… some not so serious.  (although I do think Ringo would make an excellent addition to C.A.R.C.A…) Emotional heart strings aside, all the films were packed full of awe worthy adventure and aspiration. Films that made you want to jump out of your cozy little theater seat and climb something with serious vertical for an absurdly long time.

Moments like those tear at my insides.  Moments where I break and declare, “I just want to be a normal 21 year old!!!”  Because in my mind normal 21 year olds go on treks through South America, and play in the mountains in France… this is apparently not the case.  I have only once openly declared the statement above…  That is my (vaguely absurd) desire to be normal.  And in that moment a good friend of mine reminded me, “But you aren’t normal…”  He said it in a way that was so matter of fact, the devastating reality of how good I have it sunk in and all I could do was shrug and feel foolish.

But a girl can dream… right?

Want to know a little secret?  Thats how I get through those 3 or 4 hour runs by myself.  I day dream.  I have plans. (boy do I have plans)  Heck I have plans to make plans.  Plans that are both conflicting and complimentary.

You are probably shaking your head.  “The girl who gets to travel the country… gets to travel the world!  With her skis!  Yearns for adventure!?!?”

And with mind numbing, bone aching curiosity I scream, oh yes!  I know how lucky I am to get to explore, frolic, and journey for a job… for a life style.  But I have a habit of dreaming big.

I know some of my adventures will stay in the vaults in my mind.  Some of the adventures I long for I will be lucky enough to experience first hand.  And some of the adventures I won’t even see coming will be the greatest adventures of all.


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