Don’t Forget to Play

Do you feel cheated?  No?  …Well you totally should!

The pictures I posted earlier were actually… from last November!  Oh the deception!  I didn’t have my photos uploaded yet.  But the guilt is gnashing at my poor little heart strings… So I’m hoping this little collection of [current] photos can act as a proper apology.

Someone is excited to be wearing an athlete bib!

And now a few pictures from my little adventure this afternoon… after numbing my mind and warming my limbs with a gianormous mug of coffee (chocolate soup) I ventured out onto the absolutely expansive trail system in Canmore for a little play time jog.  But first a few from the venue (clearly skiing sucks here… not)!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Play

  1. kellykj says:

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous lady!
    Wish you were in Finland… I need more Corrine/Kelly silliness and misadventure in my life.

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