This winter has definitely changed my perception of what is and is not skiable.  Basically… anything goes.  As long as it is not entirely grass you’re probably okay.  (Well… unless there is a super heavy frost, then go for it! ski on that grass. Do it!  because you are ridiculously desperate and it will be a blast)

The last couple days have felt decisively spring-esque.  I did a combo workout at VanHo on patchy un-groomed, crusty trails.  I had to dodge patches of leaves, grass, dirt, and rocks. It was Sunny and beautiful and it made it feel like April skiing.  When you love snow too much to let it go.  And then I remembered it is February. February!?

It’s not pretty.  To be honest, it’s not even verging on fair… but it’s all we’ve got.

Another 1/4 inch of snow fell last night instead of rain (thank goodness?) …now instead of seeing the rocks you have no idea they’re coming.  Nothing like a lovely little game of chance during your morning workout.  That’s why you have rock-skis in the first place… right?


I’m heading to Pennsylvania to be with my family for the weekend… Where my Dad was “really looking forward to going for a run in shorts”… wait what?


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