Country Mouse in the Big City

To catch my breath.  To finally move out of this past season and into the next we need to reset.  The best way I can do that is to gallivant around.  (Oh boy I do love to gallivant)  To go “home-home” back to Wisconsin.  To see my family.  Clear my mind.  This way when we start the first national team camp of the year in May, I’ll be ready… mentally, and physically.

And so Country Mouse went to the big city.  To see the people… I mean sights. To see the sights.  I’ve always  always always lived in pretty small places.  I’ve never lived on the 38th floor “for the view”.  I climb mountains for that.

And so I walk around with big wide eyes and big huge grin.  Hello happily lost and perpetually mesmerized!

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