Corrine Goes Home: Hilarity Ensues

Home is a place I don’t go to very often.  I was joking this spring as I sat in the Minneapolis airport during one of my many layovers as I tried to fly from the west to the east… it was the closest I had been to home in 5  months.  That was…. until I decided to get my wisdom teeth out.

It was getting to the point that shooting was painful.  Smashing my face into the cheek piece of my rifle was uncomfortable.  Added challenge: take shots in-between blinks as your eyes water up and over.  Super fun!

So it was decided.  Those suckers were coming out. One way or another.  Horror story to horror story I was a little nervous to get them pulled.  So as not to offend any dentist out there I’ll keep this short… I don’t like you.  I don’t like your hands in my mouth. I don’t like it not one little bit.  That being said. They knocked me out for the surgery and I woke up hours later curled up in a ball in my bed at home.  Great Success!

Who doesn’t like a diet that consists almost entirely of anti-inflamatoires and gauze???  Who am I kidding, hand me some icecream!

I actually lucked out big time.  Went for a run two days later.  No zombie-esque bleeding from the mouth or anything!  Wisdom teeth. Done. check.

Corrine Works Out With The Ladies.

My mom and her friends have always been pretty active.   They’ve skied the Birkie, they trail run, they love  Ski & Tea.  Most recently they’ve started to go to this kettle bell gym.  I get to hear all about it… mostly how sore it makes them.  And so of course I tease them!  “Oh what’s that?  You can’t get the phone to your ear? awwwwwwww”

That was…. until they brought me to class on Wednesday morning.

Game over.  These ladies are tough….  and I well… don’t want to do box jumps for a while.

It’s been super nice to be back in Hayward.  To see the familiar faces, to run the trails that made me fall in love with running and skiing.  It’s been the break I needed.  It finally feels like I have a fresh start as we head into the next season.  Oh right… I got renominated to the national team…. barely!   Looks like I live to ski another year!   As nice as it has been to be home I’m excited to head back out east for the first national team camp of the year.  I’ve spent alot of time training by myself this past season… Now don’t get me wrong I love a good run in the woods as much as the next person (lie: I love it more!) but I’m looking forward to having someone to train with… besides my over active imagination…


One last day home in the Northwoods then it’s the long trek to Lake Placid!  Here’s to mind-willing the weather to be nice by the time I get there!

5 thoughts on “Corrine Goes Home: Hilarity Ensues

  1. kellykj says:

    What strikingly accurate animations, looks just like you! I just saw the nominations yesterday, congratulations! Keep givin’ er girl!

    • cmalcolm says:

      Don’t they just scream natural born artist? Thanks Kelly, ran into a chocolatey colored doodle yesterday made me miss you and the pups…. see you in say… August 🙂

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