I’m alive!  I promise!  Today I finally finished up another round of college courses.  Six credits in Six weeks.  (and to think at one point I was considering trying to take nine!)  I’m exhausted.  After a hot morning on the roller-loop a two hour final and finishing up an eight page paper were waiting for me.

But I made it.  I’m alive!

Celebrating?  …oh yes!

A well deserved night on bikes tomorrow to the allure of boxed wine.

Yes I will wear a helmet.

No it will not be going in my training log.

I’ve been busy.  Living in a virtually ceaseless cycle of  training, studying, eating, and sleeping.  We finished up another training camp.  Completed an unbearably hot time trial (or as we like to call it, the hardest race of the year).  Shot 90% in the time trial.  Went on some good adventures.  Finished second in another running race (more on that later).

Now a little thing I like to call….

Things People Never Say to Me: The First Edition

  • Cereal is the best type of dessert don’t you think?
  • I love your crocs!  I’ve always wanted a pair that color.
  • No I get it.  It’s not a fanny pack.  It’s a ‘drink belt’.
  • How do you keep your ski boots smelling so fresh?
  • Biathlon that’s shooting and skiing right?


5 thoughts on “

  1. Radek, CZE says:

    Corrine, really 90%? Is it not like with credits – 60% (and at one point you were considering trying to shoot 90%)? Do not be angry at me but is is so fantastic that it seems to me unbelievable.

    PS. Now I borrow one sentence from The Second Edition:
    * Corrine, you are a sharpshooter!

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