Trick or Treat

While you were all dressed to the gills (preferably as sparkly-spandexy-zombie-princesses) I have been tucked away in a sleepy little hallow in Utah.

Have no fear, I am working on a post for you guys chalk full of borrowed pictures and all about  our training camp, pillow forts, not getting shot by hunters, dognapping a dog (too obvious), snowy rollerskis, and of course our trials races…. but for now all I can think about is Halloween.

Although I did  not celebrate Halloween this year  I did get to celebrate it four times in one week last year… so I suppose I can skip a year every now and then.  While out west reminiscing about costumes of past years, drinking a little wine, eating a little pumpkin pie I kept coming across all these pictures from people dressed up as really clever things.

Thinking of getting clever I thought back to my first few Halloweens.  Now, my parents were a clever bunch.  When I was little they convinced me that children were suppose to be the same thing for Halloween every year until you grew out of your costume. Wait what?  For four years I was a bumblebee…. yep.  Oh yes, my parents tricked me real good.  I’m sure at that point I had no idea what Halloween was about.. if anything it must have been about celebrating bumblebees and pumpkins and your parents taking away all of your candy, putting it on a high shelf, and rationing it slowly out until Easter.

Maybe this is why I struggle making decisions.  Don’t mind me if I start to eliminate legitimate choices, I’ll just chose option E) bumblebee.

Take one:

Take two (still loving it): 

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