Single-Track Nirvana and Terry Gross

So May happened… Wow, now that sounds anticlimactic doesn’t it?

Realistically that is more a jab at my own tardiness on here than any sort of reference to my spring… because frankly, this spring has been rather awesome.

Albeit my spring had a rocky start. In the span of one week I managed to break my hand, successfully mangle my trigger finger with an immersion blender, turn 23, and get kicked off the national team (yeah I know it was a busy week).   But like every other nordic athlete on the face of the earth it was still April and I was still craving sunshine, and that’s exactly what I got.


April quickly turned into a runcation, adventuring over the hills and mountains of California and Washington.  Stephen pedaled his bike as I got sunburnt running the endless single track.  While most athletes were taking a break from the long race season I ran more than I have in a long time, but it is exactly what I needed.  Nothing will quite your mind quite like the awe that comes over you running through Big Basin state park.  Inundated by beauty all my problems were muted. If I wasn’t running I was pedaling, if I wasn’t pedaling I was on a yoga mat, and if I wasn’t on a yoga mat I was cramming as many avocados, strawberries, and citrus fruits into me as I could manage.  That and awesome mexican food, obviously.











May has now come and gone and with it the training season has started once again.  The hours are creeping in from all directions and although I’m struggling to figure out exactly what it is I am doing I’m overjoyed to have some semblance of balance in my life.  I’ve been spending my days child and animal wrangling, planting a garden, training with my constant companion Terry Gross, and working through the general panicking that goes along with putting your life sized puzzle pieces together.   It’s now June and after a training excursion up North to Canmore Alberta I’m back in Bozeman and oh so happy to be home.













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