I’m sitting here a few short days away from finishing one of the biggest training blocks I have ever tried to accomplish.  Normally at this stage in the game I would be worn ragged, giving into my afternoon naps, coaxing tired legs to some how make it through my final workouts… but normally hope would be on the horizon.  Normally after a hard three weeks my body is waiting expectantly for the easy week that would generally follow.  However, when I glanced at my year plan I noticed something looming in my future… a six week stretch of doom.  I’m in deep, part way through my second intensity week of the stretch with another two weeks and 40+ hours looming in my future.  My hamstrings are screaming at me from a hard running workout from two days ago and I have skate intervals, ski walking intervals, and a skate time trial waiting for me before this week is through.  I’m headed into the lower 47 on friday to spend a week in placid.  It will be nice to switch things up for a week and get out on some fresh roads and trails!


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