In the Distance

In the distance…I can see the top, the end, the last few workouts of this never-ending 6week block of go go go.  All that separates me and my rest week is roughly 12 hours and one more intensity session.  I think that because my body knows it has a rest week coming up I can push a little harder to get through these last few workouts.  But enough complaining and whining and on to a little recap of what I’ve been up to.

My week in Lake Placid was awesome! Traveling through canada was a breeze, might of had something to do with the fact that all the border agents didn’t believe I was transporting a fire arm or how giggly melinda and I were, but never the less we made it.  I got to meet two of the national team coaches, Armin and the new women’s coach Jonne, and hang out and train with the guys and gals of the national team!  Although I was a little out of place I think I held my own.  Somehow I kept up on ski, foot, and bike, my shooting wasn’t even too terrible (that’s right I hit targets…several actually)!  The coaches weren’t the biggest fans of my rifle, but go figure.  I’ve been making due with a old boys rifle, my hands are so small on it I can’t even rebolt.  However, that is all in the past because I am getting a new stock!!  One of the guys on the national team is also a lefty and had an old stock for me, its currently home with the Nordgrens (who are doing me ANOTHER favor) getting it all fixed up for my little hands.  Pretty lucky  I think…pretty lucky to get a new stock, pretty lucky to see Leif before he’s off to their European camp, super lucky to have people so willing to give me a helping hand.

Now I’m back in Fort Kent, we have another week and a half here before we get on the road for a few training camps over in the Vermont and New Hampshire area!  The Southern Maine Biathlon Club will be having a camp up here next week which will help take my mind off not training a whole lot.  Okay off to get on my bike, its going to be a wet one, but the wet stage in the tour is helping to motivate me out the door.


Here are some picture from the past week or so! (photos by  Melinda)

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