Mmmm Utah.

Mmmmmmm utah, warm, sunny beautiful utah!

Alot has happened since I last wrote.  I trained at home for a little bit and then I packed my bags and bid the wet midwest ado.  With a ski bag, a rifle case, and a backpack I set off across the country via airoplane and landed promptly, heck even early, in Salt Lake City.  I’ve done my fair share of flying through SLC over the past few years but this would be my first time with it as my final destination.  I was thrilled and was greeted by the most amazing weather!

We saw the sun every day during our stay in utah up until our final afternoon, you could say we left just in time, the day after we left it snowed in park city.  We basked in the sunshine every day with perfect temperatures during workouts on and off the range.  The morning workouts would start out a little chilly for those brave enough to wear their short spandies to practice instead of ankle hugging tights.  …but as soon as the sun came into the valley it would warm up pretty quickly with clothing being dropped left and right all over the range by more appropriately, warily clothed team mates.

With constant adjusts being made to my rifle and our teams arrangements it was an occasionally mentally draining two weeks.  However looking back on our experiences out west I think we all grew alot from what we have each had to struggle through and will be a stronger team because of it.  I now have a firmer grasp on my own role in my pursuits and I’m ready to take on the season.  My sights line up, I know radical new idea, which will really help my prone shooting percentage!

All in all camp was a success.  I love training, I love mountains, hills, and valleys…I love challenges, and being apart of a team that is looking forward to an incredible season.  Utah showed me a good time and for that I am grateful.

Highlights include racing Andy Newell up a hill and winning (I may have had a head start and he didn’t know we were racing but a victory is a victory right?), chasing little nordic combiners around and around on their wicked fast skis, making my team mate wear a tiara for his birthday cake, double time trialing, sucking during said double time trial and being okay with it, hiking and running anywhere anytime, teasing the mens national team whilst eating their dessert, having a stellar last intensity combo in which I rocked it and got to touch down dance four times.

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