Back in the Midwest

…maybe I should rephrase that.  Back in the midwet.  That’s right the midWET.  I left sunny beautiful Utah and returned to Minnesota just in time for a category 3 non-oceanic hurricane.  We experienced three straight days of wind and rain, it sounded like I was living in a washing machine!  When it was all said and done trees were down but the sun was out and although the temperatures are a little colder its beautiful again.

I’m back in Wisconsin and will be until I leave for Canmore on the 9th of November in the pursuit of snow, or where snow should hopefully potentially be in the near future…  I love coming home.  I had missed all of the local trails I normally spend my entire summer romping around!  Training in Hayward makes me feel spoiled.  Although there aren’t mountains everything else is pretty amazing.  I can run from my house onto the birkie trail, there are miles and miles of single track, and some of best roads in the country for rollerskiing.  Heck I don’t even like rollerskiing, especially after spending a summer going in loops, but coming home to Old OO was just what I needed.

I borrowed a mountain bike from the Joel, the owner of my favorite bike and ski shop New Moon, and plowed around through the leaves from Hayward to Seeley.  I time trialed on my home cross country course and PR’d by 1:20 over a rough 5kms.  Another great thing about being home is finding people to train with.  Old coaches, old training partners, some of my favorite juniors, and of course the high school team.  They got me out of bed and onto the trail at 6:30 in the morning, and I got them out of work or onto their rollerskis.

The last couple of years I’ve always talked about running a long point to point run on the Birkie trail, and this past weekend I finally got around to it!  I got dropped off at OO and ran the 16-ish miles all the way back into town to my mom’s house.  It was perfect, and with a little more company I would gladly do it again, perhaps from even further north next time!

Its officially November and getting to be that time of year where all we can think about it snow.   I’ve gotten so far past the point of wanting to burn my rollerskis that I want to rollerski again just so I can pretend its the real thing.  The leaves have changed and dropped, there is a thick frost over everything each morning, halloween has past and we are moving steadily towards thanksgiving.

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