Shout Outs: First Edition.

I’ve been inspired over the last few days out on the roads and trails and have decided there are a few people that need some recognition for everything they do…

First I would like to give a shout out to the truck driver with the bushy beard who not only honked but waved and smiled as he tried to run me off the road yesterday.  Seriously, thank you there is no other way I would rather start my workout…ditch diving.  “Perfecting my form”  That’s actually why I wear neon when I rollerski, so that the gravel knows I’m coming.  And when I finally got myself back on the road and I waved after you and let out a few choice words I was not being cordial.  Don’t get any funny ideas buddy we are not friends. really.

On another note.  I saw three rollerskiers out on the road today.  Three!!!  …and here’s the kicker, I did not know any of them!  Way to go Hayward, congrats on the eagerness to be out on your skis, I’m both proud and impressed.  Keep up the good work, I know you guys will do your very best to congregate at any and all major intersections in West Yellowstone in a few weeks.

Finally.  I would like to give a shout out to Day Light Savings.  You tricked me again you little bugger!  Although I did greatly appreciate the extra hour of sleep last night you still managed to do your best to creep up on me!  The day was beautiful it was sunny and warm and ever since I left the West coast I’ve really been running on Mountain time anyway so the change really wasn’t anything new…  However you do make my afternoon workouts a little darker than they used to be.  I’m not prepared and won’t get tricked into starting a workout at 3:45.  You may have tricked me once good friend but I will not be suckered into unknowingly finishing my rollerskis in the dark anymore.  Pebbles are much more frightening when you can’t see them coming…

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