My life as a semi professional/currently meandering non student athlete is a work in progress.  baby steps.

itty bitty baby steps:

-drop out of school

-move across the country

-get set up with a rifle that works better…better than the old russian thing

-decide that I don’t need a man sized rifle

-live in a world of hand-me-downs and buy a better stock off a older/wiser lefty.

-have a boyfriend who has a father who is very crafty and has a woodshop.

and….PRESTO! one “custom” stalk!


Its now “corrine-sized” I can reach the bolt, the thumb piece, and the trigger!  The pistol grip is no longer gianormous and my standing extension perfect, i shot like a normal person again!  Life is good, and my rifle looks like it was never sawed, chopped, sanded, and widdled into its current state.

Thanks to “Carl and Son” custom rifles I couldn’t be happier.

isn’t she a beaut?

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