Paying Regards.

Firstly I would like to pay regards to Bryan Fish, former CXC ski coach.  I remember the first time I saw him fly by me at a road crossing hoping along right to the other side.  It was so smooth.  one ski off.  hop hop hop. ski back on. BAM. he was off and away down the other trail.  I’ve always wanted to do that and today was the day.  I skied up took my one ski off and like that I was on the other side with my ski back on and on my way again.  Better yet there was a happily planted group of master skiers ready to be amazed.  Mission accomplished.  Another victory for me, thank you Fish.

Secondo I am of very average size.  You need skis flexed I’ll be there to stand on them every step of the way.  Today I went into New Moon to drop off some skis that need bindings changed and as I was about to drive out of the parking lot I was startled by knocking on my window.  “Could you come stand on some skis?”  Yes yes of course.  They help me out all the time the least I can do is be average sized.  So random girl I don’t know from Anchorage Alaska you are welcome. Hopefully you’ll love your skis!

Congrats to the Men’s and Women’s biathlon teams over in Europe.  Although it was a World Cup opener hampered by a nasty nasty parasite the guys and gals still pulled out some stellar results!  You can watch race replays and races streamed live at:


Hellner along for the ride!

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