Home Turf.

Mine. My trails. My home trails.  …but I suppose I can share. right?

Thank you Colby middle school and high school skiers for making my intervals this morning much more exciting.


The quote of the day is brought to you by one older birkie man mumbling skier.
okay its not a quote I just got a kick out of how he deemed the trail “much to slippery and dangerous”.
I mean I suppose snow will do that.
he was also concerned for his life as he “almost died”.
I think what we really should get out of this is that we participate in a dangerous sport…soon the birkie trail will be home to cat skiers and full body armor.


Highlight of  my day.
watching the Jackson kids slide down the hill on their skis on their stomachs like skeletoners (yes word).  It was both hilarious and impressive.
I need to play on my skis more. permission granted.

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