The Magic of Honey.

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading a really interesting book called “Folk Medicine- A New England Almanac of Natural health care from a noted Vermont country doctor” by D.C. Jarvis, M.D.

call me folksy, a hippie, perhaps a little crunchy ?  anything you like, right now I’ll take it.  Its been an interesting read.  We all have our own old-fashioned remedies.  Some we believe in, some we chuckle at, some we wonder what were they thinking!  There are sections on our diet, our life styles, and the magical powers of different foods.  Ways to help you sleep better or soothe and treat your aches, pains, and discomforts.  I laugh when I read something and think back to my host mother, Inese, in Latvia who did alot of these things.  How she would make me drink hot tea with honey while soaking my feet in boiling hot water when I started to get under the weather.  I would protest, and drag my feet until she would plop me on the couch.  I never really understood it… but it always seemed to work.  She always seemed to make me better.

The book has a 25 page chapter on the wonders of honey and its ability to help us function!  It covers everything from using honey to help with Hay Fever to using honey to help with those sleepless nights.  But what I found most interesting was its section on Honey and Athletic Nutrition.

Honey seems to rank supreme among the popular energy foods and beverages…

“1. Honey, as far as can be measured, supplies in an ideal way all the necessary energy requirements of the athlete for pre-activity fueling up; for the sustaining of effort during activity; for quick energy recovery after effort.  2.Honey, with its high caloric content, can build up energy with smaller servings.  3.It is extremely popular (by far the most popular) with athletes, due to its taste appeal.  4.More honey can be tolerated by the average athlete than any other of the energy foods and beverages tested.  5.Versatility makes it popular, since it can be used in many ways, and in combination with other foods and beverages.  6.It is a pure food, apparently free from bacteria and irritating substances…”

Sold. right?  And guess what the research on the benefits of honey on athletic performance dates back over 50 years!  So its no secret.

With all that said I would like to introduce the newest sponsor!!!

Looking forward to being fueled by lots of really delicious honey stinger products for the next year!

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