Sometimes the Wind Blows

Sometimes it blows very hard.  I think on the east coast they refer to these events as a noreaster!  And boy did she try to mess things up!

After spending a few days at home for Christmas it was time to pack my life into a suitcase once again.  With the default rifle case and ski bag I’m always left pretending my backpack is magical and bottomless or… borrowing a wonderful duffle bag my rifle case fits in!!!  I mean I still look weird lugging my stuff around through airports, knocking posts over left and right, but a allure of my shiny gun case is now hidden away.

My favorite easy pleasant day of traveling I had planned to get me across the country feel apart Christmas night as the snow reports started to pile up.  And with out any thought of warning me my flight from JFK to Burlington seemed to no longer exist. canceled. gone.  The frantic pace of trying to get me to the east coast ensued, Delta stopped answering their phones due “to bad weather.” Really!?!?!

Finally, after a lot of fuss I had a flight to manchester.  It wasn’t Burlington…not even in the same state…but it was as close as I was going to get so I took it.  Aside from a hold up in Detriot with a missing copilot and the man at the ticket counter insisting I was an unaccompanied minor the trip went smoothly.  I made it.  finally.

After a very blustery cold training day yesterday the wind finally let up and the weather for the races today was sunny and nice.  tame you could say.  I was feeling nervous and a little tired from traveling and a lack of sleep but after a little coaxing from a team mate I was able to settle down and compose myself after nearly falling apart during zero.  (I was very distraught that the points werent even)

The race was pretty uneventful.  I shot better which was such a relief!  After shooting so horribly in Minnesota I had started to doubt my ability to hit a target.  Although my shooting has a long way to go I still shot 50% today which is just about average for me.  I felt good on my skis, not quite as good as I did in the last races but I’m sure I’ll get my legs back.

I’m currently sitting in second, which is exciting and pretty darn cool.  We race a longer race tomorrow (a pursuit) and then a shortened sprint on thursday!  You can follow the results at :


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