Nove Mesto, AHOY!!!

After and incredibly loooooong day and night and day of travel we’ve made it to Nove Mesto, and the hotel Romantika…it will be our home for almost three weeks!  I’m looking forward to not having to pack up and leave for a little while.  A place to get into some sort of routine.  A routine to keep me sane you could say.

This place is little and cute and all ours. which means we can leave our nasty smelly (ok ok I can only vouch for my own) ski boots in the hallway.  And the restaurant down stairs has already put together some good meals for us.

Driving to the venue reminds me alot of Latvia.  and makes me miss it all the more.  The little streets and buildings remind me of parts of Cesis…now if there was a castle and a cobblestone pedestrian only street we’d be golden.  Even the food is very similar….might have something to do with how the eastern block countries have a great deep passionate love for potatoes?

The Latvian team was out on the range today.  I almost worked up the nerve to let out more than a cau, and more of a Labrit Latvjia!  Tomorrow i will.  Tomorrow I will do more than smile.  I recognize a handful of the kids, Baiba and Marcis… I will be outgoing.  Its just so weird seeing them after leaving Latvia 4 years ago (thats a long time)!!!

Its rainy and gross and the snow is minimal…but it appears that this venue is more than up to the challenge.  Their pile of stocked snow is bigger than our hotel so I have faith that they are going to pull these races off wonderfully.  There are a hanful of teams here already and the stoke level is high all around!!!

Off to eat lunch. mmmm potatoes?


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