Get Me out of Here.

Call me a whimp.  call me soft.  call me a snow snob.  call me whatever you like.  but after a day in the rain in january in the county I knew I had to find a way home.  Lucky for me I know a man who flies planes and a team mate who was kind enough to drive my tush 3 hours down state at 3 in the morning.

After a day of phone calls I was set.  I would fly standby with all my belongings (sort of) back to the cold white north of Northern Minnesota.  Andie and I hit the road in my honda for Bangor!  The drive was easy, no moose, no sleeping, lots of shooting stars, and planet to the east that was amazing (possibly Venus?)

I was the last on the list but I made all my flights and arrived back in the Midwest that afternoon.  By the time I made it Hayward I had been traveling for 12 hours and was sleep deprived and on the verge of a breakdown, but I was home.  I brought all of my belongings into the house, washed them, and packed them back up.  I was home for a less than 24 hours and I was on the road again.  Off to Grand Rapids, the land of snow and cold sunny days.  Never have I ever wanted to be in Grand Rapids more.

I’ve been in grand rapids for almost a week now, staying once again with Kelly’s family who is kind enough to open their home and refrigerator to a junior athlete!  I promise this week to try to remember to bring my camera with me on some skis.  The trails are absolutely beautiful right now!  All the branches are still holding snow, its all I could think about while classic skiing yesterday, “Why don’t I have a camera right now!”

Its cold, I skied in my down jacket for all four hours yesterday…but I suppose I can’t win them all right.  I asked for snow and a range….I suppose being out of the single digits would be asking too much.  I’m here in Grand Rapids until the end of the week.  Then a quick trip home.  A girls day in the cities (with the possible addition of a younger brother, oh you silly brother you) and then I’m off to Europe.  I can’t help but get more excited!

Ok pictures, I promise pictures.  hold me too it!

Here’s one from junior trials (taken by Maddi Mayo)…apparently I ski with my eyes closed?

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