With a little searching…

You can always find the silver lining.

and for me having the compeition analyse really helped me get a more positive look at my race today.

Of course it was a frustrating experience. I struggled with an ejected live round during my first shooting stage and my bolt jamming, but still managed to keep it together and clean.  yes! I cleaned a stage, at the time I was too frazzled to even really revil in that moment but its definitly a positive note on today.  Little did I even realize that with that one clean shooting (even with the extra time it took) I was temporaily moved up to 26th place.  My later standing shooting would drop me rapidly back through the pack… I wouldn’t recommend missing 4?

This is a different level of racing and I know it will take time for me to get to where I want to be.  I just have to be paitent.

Some more interesting data…

I, Corrine Malcolm, yours truly…claimed a very different spot on the results list today.  I had the absolute slowest shooting time.  But thats just free time right?  I could be pissed or frustrated about that, but I know I’m a slow shot.  I lost right around 2mins on the range today.  thats not me skiing around a penalty loop, thats me laying there trying to point my rifle at something.  That’s two minutes that I can earn back this summer with a lot of range time and a lot more practice.  TWO FREE MINUTES!!!

Next the really exciting stuff…the silver lining I am clinging to today.

Although I finished a dissapointing 46th.  I never gave up.  I could of. but I didn’t.  and I earned the 19th fastest ski time for the day.  That I can be happy for. That I can be excited about.  That gives me hope.  And so with that I move onto the next race.  Wednesday….and I can’t wait.

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