Another Day.

We have one last race on our own today before the final event (the relay on saturday) and I getting pretty darn excited.  The junior men race first today…any minute now they will start to head out on course.
Its been a slow morning here, some breakfast, a light lunch coming up before we head over to the venue.  The race starts at 1:30pm and I will be the 15th girl out on course!  Today is an individual format race.  Its the longest race we do (12.5km for junior women) and instead of penalty loops you get a minute added to your time for each shot you miss.  I’ve never done an individual race before but I can see the incentive to hitting targets is greater than ever.
I think the individual race is probably also the easiest race to say “what if?” about…  What if I had cleaned? what if I had hit one more target?  the list goes on (your what ifs compile with everyone elses what ifs)…  I know I will be very tempted to think like that later this afternoon but I will try not to.
I will try to hit as many targets as I can.  I will try to ski as fast as I am capable. and I will leave everything I have out on course…  I will be happy for my competitors, my team mates, and myself.
Its a race.  The person who can best combine good shooting and fast skiing will win.  and that performance will motivate me to keep wanting, pushing, and trying to excel.

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