German Cup, Day…eins?

Yes, day one.  We had a sprint race here this morning in Germany…and after four days of perfect Bavarian sunshine we woke up to rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.  Can I say that once more…. LOTS OF RAIN!

And it just kept raining.  And raining and raining.  and it never stopped raining.  I suppose there is a first time for everything?

It was suppose to be just another run of the mill sprint race but of course the germans just HAD to throw in a little twist.  (always with their little twists)  and so today we had a race that was sprint length (7.5km) but with relay rounds.  Thats right relay rounds!  Why? why would you do that?  Even more bullets for me to shoot thats just asking for trouble!

The last time I had to use relay rounds was during the WJC relay in Nove Mesto…which as you might remember did not go terribly well.  Though I suppose things could only get better right? of course…

The course was sloppy but it was fun to zoom around with an equal amount of slobber and rain streaming down my face.  Awesome!  Shooting went better than my last relay rounds experience.  I used all three spares in prone for two targets, but I left with no penalties, slow sure… but no penalties!  Good day.  Then I came into shoot standing…hit, miss, hit, miss, miss, spare hit, spare hit, spare miss! bummer, one penalty.  but thats a lot less than 5!

Skiing wasn’t bad.  I skied parts strong, mostly the up hills.  I like uphills, alot.  there was down hill that spooked me a bit on my first lap and so I skied it more conservatively the next two times around, oops.  But all in all I’m feeling okay about today. Phew.

The girl that won the race, or atleast was the top German they removed all non germans from the results, started right behind me.  I put time on her each lap on the skis but she shot clean and fast and I would have to play chase after each bought on the shooting range.  That’s biathlon for you.

Just give me some time.  I can get my shooting together in due time.

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