With all this time…

Since I am not in school right now I seem to have a lot of extra time on my hands.  Even more so since we are right smack in the middle of the race season.  Not alot of training, and my ability to sit on my hands means that I get I’ve been in constant search of new things to entertain myself with.  I’ve dabbled in knitting, spent lots of time writing…mostly I’ve done lots and lots of reading.
In the past two years I’ve spent a majority of my year enrolled in 16-18 credits a semester.  Lots of classes, lots of books, lots of heavy reading.  The down side to all that heavy reading is that I rarely got to read things that I really wanted to!
Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of quality time reading what I want this year and its been awesome!
Recently I’ve been reading alot about food and health.  Two things I am very passionate about.  Most recently I’ve read a great book on Folk Medicine.  A book on eating locally, Animal Vegetable Miracle… and a book on endurance fitness and diet.
All of which are really interesting, and lots of things I would love to talk about.  Lots of reading but not a lot of discussion… discussion would be nice.  We’ll get there.
But for now….I’ve been composing a list of foods I would like to make.  Sort of a food wish list.  It should be a very busy spring and summer…and fall.  When ever I am in a real kitchen!  On top of this list there are approximately a million cakes that I want to make but shouldn’t eat.  Know anyone looking for cake?  Tarts? Pies?
The List!
Cheese (Hard and Soft)
perfect pizza crust
baked brie
almond butter (and other varies nut butters)
apple butter
apple sauce
sweet potato gnocchi
pasta (preferbly ravoli)
black bean burgers
sour dough bread
candied fruit
barbecue sauce
pot stickers
savory tart
beet and horseradish relish
horseradish sauce
(this is just the beginning)

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