Forgot my sunscreen?

Sunny Sunny Sunny Wonderful Italy.  I might play hookie on the the 28th when we are set to drive back to munich and fly back state side.  Hide out in the Alps and never come home.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

This mornings ski was incredible.  Sunny and warm.  I was pretty convinced I was going to crash into something since I spent more time starring off at snow covered mountains than the ski trail today.  It really was incredible.  My checks are still pink and my nose a little more aggressive shade of red…oops!

Besides the amazing weather, great food, and good company I’ve also gotten some great coaching help over the past couple of days that I’m incredibly grateful for.  Armin is great at pointing at little things each time he sees me.  A little quirk here, an extra movement there… things I didn’t realize I was doing or wasn’t doing.  I’ve gotten great guidance this year but haven’t had a coach around for a pretty long time.  I’d almost forgotten what that was like!  Its been quite the treat.

I’m only in Anholtz until tomorrow afternoon and then I’ll make the short trek over to Ridnaun.  Meeting up with a lot more US team athletes and getting stoked for another week of exciting racing!

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