In the name of experience

In the name of experience I head into this week of racing in Ridnaun!  We are here for the Open European Championships, also known as U26 championships in the biathlon world.  Some pretty outstanding talent has converged here on this little Italian mountain town.  There will be both junior and “u26” fields and we will have some pretty incredible competition.   It will be very similar to the field at Junior Worlds which is exciting and scary!

Tomorrow we race an individual.  Once again no penalty laps, just minute upon minute added on for each miss.  That’s a little intimidating after my first and last experience with this race format.  However, it really can only get better after Nove Mesto.  Hopefully I will not have 12 misses again tomorrow!

The course here is kind of odd.  It loops around and around and back in on itself a lot so with each 2.5km lap you feel like you dont really go anywhere.  The course is never really “flat” but there is a lot of gradual and alot of time will be made up by skiing really smart.  I’m excited.  It isn’t an easy course and as one of the coaches said to me earlier, “the harder the course the better for you corrine!”  I’m excited to race again and hoping with time I will put something together!

More tomorrow.  Goodnight

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