Could it be?

Yes.  Yes it could be.  Yes it is.  I’m sitting here in Grand Rapids once again…except it is 50 whole degrees warmer than the last time I was here!!! 50 degrees!  Its 40F currently, and it seems the forecast is going to hold steady for the rest of the week.

We are currently gearing up for the final races of the year, US Biathlon Nationals.   There are a few races in other parts of the country that go through early April but this has been a really big, but long and tiring, year for me so I will be sitting those out.

I made the journey north on sunday, this time with a friend from Hayward!  One of my little ski girls is here for the US Biathlon recruitment camp, which conveniently enough I am helping coach!  I’m not really an “official coach” but with a bunch of female athletes coming in for the camp the guys running the camp felt it would be good to have a female coach along.  The word “chaperone” has been thrown around a little, but the thought of me chaperoning a bunch of teenagers is pretty entertaining.

More and more teams and athletes are starting to arrive each day…but its nothing like Europe of course!  The fields won’t be very big, there won’t be crowds and cheering fans, we won’t get wonderful competition breakdowns, but it will still be fun.  We have a sprint coming up on thursday, a pursuit format race on saturday, and then a mass start on sunday!

I’m excited to finish the season out with some fun races on I guess what could be called home turf.  One last hoorah and then some much needed rest and relaxation.  You know things like dentist appointments and wisdom tooth extractions! I think I’ve finally coaxed my camera back to life so I’ll try to get some pictures up later this week.

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