Rolling with it.

If there has been one thing  biathlon has taught me this year its to just “roll with it”.   In the sport, in races, on the trails, on the range, off the trails. Thank you biathlon.  In this sport there are so many variables, so many things that can go wrong.  Rifle malfunctions, hand loading spare rounds, snow packed boots and bindings, weird waxing, equipment checks, broken poles, zeroing points, crazy weather, wind, sun, rain, snow, trail conditions, starting spots, bizarre, bizarre, bizarre!  Much of which is out of my control.  And so what have I learned?

Simply.  To let it be.  To roll with it.  To go with the flow.  To just be and do.  To not worry.

All and all its made me a much happier and a much better racer.

And so when it started to rain on my way to the race venue on thursday I was ready for it.  I hoped out of the van and pulled on my snow pants (they happen to be the most water proof of my clothing).  After racing in Germany the rain didn’t really bother me. Instead of thinking, “Ugh this sucks! Mew Mew mew!”  I thought, “BRING IT ON!!!”

The conditions weren’t great.  The trails definitely got slower and slower with each lap as they got sloppier and sloppier and more and more destroyed.  I just kept charging through the slop, nothing you can do right?  You just kind of had to go with it.  I almost took myself out a few times, it seems that as the conditions get sloppier their is a direct correlation to my technique getting sloppier!  Oops!

Shooting went okay.  I had one miss in prone and three in standing.  Standing shooting (or off-hand shooting) has really been a struggle for me throughout the later part of the season, but hopefully I will hit a few more targets in the races this weekend!  I felt okay on the skis.  I haven’t been feeling like myself recently after a very rough transition back to the US.  Training hasn’t been ideal the last two weeks, my inability to sleep finally took a toll on my body and I spent much of last week under the weather.  Not ideal, but once again…you just kind of have to roll with it.

I won the Junior race by a solid margin, but I adore the gal that took second and made sure to give her a big hug when we got on the podium!  (Andrea if you read this, I do truly adore you and plan on hugging you again tomorrow)

We have a pursuit format race tomorrow with four shooting stages…and for once I’m looking at it with a positive spin.  Normally these are considered much more of a shooters race and I always go “Dang just more targets for me to miss!” but for the first time I’m actually really excited…four stages just means more chances to hit targets!  What a turn of events!!  Hopefully I won’t spend too much time in the penalty loop tomorrow, but who knows what will happen, I will just have to take it one target at a time.

Fish fry tonight!  That just screams, “ITS ALMOST SUMMER!”  trying to keep it together for a few last races but my mind is set on shorts and spring dresses….and birthdays!  and sandals!  Oh how I miss sandals!

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