On the Books

The training year has come and gone.  Heck, break has come and gone and the new year is already upon us.  One week down 51 to go!  I’ve made it back to Wisconsin again and it feels good to be home.  Its the first time I’ve been home for easter in over two years….much to my brother’s dismay of course.

You see its a family tradition to have a massive house wide easter candy hunt.  Sounds tame?  Well as we’ve gotten older and better at finding things my dad has gotten more and more creative.  He tapes candy to the ceiling, corners, cracks, sneakily stuck in between to mugs.  The man’s good.  Tommy wasn’t home  but the house was plenty packed this year.  Ian brought three friends home, plus Sam, and Leif.  We were let loose on the house and before long we were crawling, running, and scampering from room to room to beat each other to the chocolate.  At the end of the day, even with the help of three friends I would like to announce that  Ian still lost!  (there Ian, you have been written about!)

Now back to the books… As I move forward into the new year  I’d like to write off some numbers, on the books, on the blog, for you and me.

Total Hours trained: 787

Hours skating: 244
Hours Classic-ing: 84
Hours running: 288
Hours biking: 90

Rest Days: 62
Sick Days:  4

Races: 24+

Countries: 6
States: 7

Okay that’s what I’ve got.  Nothing too exciting, straight from the books.  Pretty Straight forward. Pretty awesome in a nerdy athletic sort of way.

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