April Showers bring May Flowers?

The grass is getting greener.  Slowly.  Oh sooooo slowly.  The trees are fitting to bud and some of the really strong plants are starting to push their way up through the soil.  The fighters, they’ll make it.

Spring is a tease.  One day you’re in shorts and t-shirts soaking in the rays and the next you’re getting pelted with hail on your run.  I’ve woken up to snow on the ground on more than one occasion… and even though I’m a skier and I love winter right?  ….It kills me.  I feel akin with the robins, they’re looking around at the snow wondering what the heck is going on too!

But we are all fighters. And we too will make it.

The weather is gloomy on yet another day.  glum. saddening.  But maybe its the wet cold start to the new training season that tests our desire and passion for the sport.  Our will to go and run in the pouring rain and freeze.  To get pelted by hail.  To fight against the wind.  And to live for those sunny days…is the strength and want we have for our sport.  My job.  I guess some days at the office are nicer than others.

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