We should get some popsicles.

Its been a tough week all over the country.  Hot Hot Heat moved in…even up north!  90degree days in June, its a shock to the system.  and as we moved into another big week the warm weather seemed to zap any extra energy I had left in my body.  Ouch.

With big days of volume came big days of bonking.  There was a moment during one ski this past week where I questioned how and if I might make it back to the Olympic training center.  Rough.  It might be the one moment in my life I was thankful to have horse flies chasing me, pushing me homeward.  Those buggers will get you.

We made it through some tough intensity workouts, had some awesome hikes with some spectacular views…The girls team joked that we only go on hikes when the weather is really gross so it was wonderful to have two separate hikes that brought us to really great views of the valley.  Awesome!

Right now we are closing out our second training block of the year.  It amazes me that much time has already gone by!  But let me tell you something…this block has been HUGE!  Alot of good work done, boat loads of quality training sessions, more good days on the range than I imagined, things are progressing.  Its a great feeling, and its this feeling I will try to hold on to, so that when those bad days come around I will be ready.

I’ve got one workout left and I’m looking forward to finishing out the block right.  We have a rest day tomorrow, I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep.  There is some serious nap time in my future!

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