Working it.

We had our first time trial this morning!  …okay, technically its the 2nd one of the year but I had to sit out the first one with my leg injury.  Now that I’m up and fully functioning its nice to not have to sit on the side line anymore.

The time trial was a 7.5km sprint at our little roller range by the ski jumps in Lake Placid.  Its not an easy place to shoot, lots of uphill into the range.  Its a hard approach, I’m struggling to keep my heart rate down, my head together, my breathing in check…I come into the range and I’m panting and trying to point my rifle at a seemingly tiny target 50 meters away!

It was ok.  I was the first girl out on course with Andrea starting right behind me.  My goal…stay in front of her for as long as possible.  I tried.  I made it 4 of 5 laps out front.  But with fast skiing and faster shooting she caught me and I did the best I could to hang on to the finish.  It wasn’t great.  It wasn’t horrible.  It was a really hard effort.  I shot better than I would have this time last year. Missing 1 in prone and 3 in standing.  So all in all.  Things are heading in the right direction.  We took our blood lactates after the finish and I was amazed to see mine. 14.6!  Hot dang is what I thought!  Hot dang is right.  It was a real hard effort, the first slobber of the season.  Check. Out of the way!  Now that is a good feeling!


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