Lets go this way.

More innocent words were never uttered…  But it was those simple words that turned today’s  four hour run into 6 hours of fun and adventure!

This morning when I woke up I knew I didn’t want to bike.  Mentally I just couldn’t put myself in the saddle for that long pushing pedal stroke after pedal stroke.  The weather was beautiful and to be honest it would have been a perfect morning for a really lovely bike ride.  But I just wasn’t in it.  So when I looked across the breakfast table and said, “Hey you want to go run with me?”  I was ecstatic he responded with “Yes.”

Wynn’s company would be much appreciated for the four hours that lay ahead of us, but more than anything I was worried that if I went by myself I would get lost and my day would end much later with a search party or worried coaches.  We started off from the trail head off an access road on our way into the woods, trail after trail.  The goal? get up Marcy and then some.  Check. Check. Check.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, a nice breeze up top.  The trails were not super muddy, and the sun was shinning.  What more could a girl ask for?

We summited Marcy in good time, talking along the way, greeting the other hikers we would come to with big GOOD morning(s)!  After taking in the view and snapping a few pictures of our triumphantly mismatched socks we turned around and headed back down the trail we came up.  There were some falls we passed on the way up that we wanted to check out more on the way down so when the trail split we decided to take some time to check out the water.  …and so it began.

There were ooos and ahhhhs and plenty of “oh that’s pretty neat!”.  Soon enough we were taking off down stream.  We had time to kill before we had to meet another team-mate back at the trail head…so away we went.  We hopped and slid from rock to rock, there was bush whacking, log shimmy-ing, and lots of splashing!  This carried on for quite a while.  Laughing, slipping, splashing, and repeat.  Then it sort of hit us, “we should be getting near the trail intersection soon…right?”  a little farther down stream.  “We should be getting near that trail now?”  30 mins late…45mins….an hour…shoot?  The bugs were getting worse, I totally slipped on a rock and ate it face first into one of the deeper pools of water. Ugh.  finally after nearly 2 hours of river running we saw something amazing…a bridge!  What did a bridge mean?  A trail!  Great Success!!!!  and much relief!  Jeeze louise was I happy to see that bridge.

Another 30 mins of running we made it out past Marcy Dam and to the trail head.  Lucky for us our team-mate had decided to nap in his car and wait for us.  Now that’s team work!

Our return to the OTC was filled with frantic eating, a healthy quantity of ice cream and lots of water!  Of course it wasn’t enough, I showed up to Ultimate tonight a little beaten up, bruised, and scratched…but of course, oh so worth it!

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