Home Sweet Home

After a very long travel day (thanks to my team mates who made sure I got to the airport!) I arrived back in the Midwest.  Its beautiful here right now!  A very wet spring and early summer has made everything very green.  I just realized the other day that I wasn’t home at all last summer, and so I’ve been marveling at everything I missed out on.

My arrival in Hayward just so happened to line up perfectly with Musky festival.  Town is a zoo.  Driving is horrendous.  Who would have guessed such a little place could be so hopping?  You would think have grown up here and watched the yearly influx of seasonal guests I shouldn’t be surprised…but somehow, it gets me every year.

My brothers and I escaped the madness of Hayward on sunday and headed up to Duluth for a great show at Clyde Iron Works!  Jack’s Mannequin was the headliner with two great bands opening for them, Steel Train, and Lady Danville!  The music was great, the bands were all awesome and incredibly down to earth.  I love musicians that really interact with their audiences, it makes you feel connected to the show and connected to the music…its really an incredible atmosphere to be a part of!  Personality is likeable and much appreciated.

I’ve only been home for a few days and I’ve seen so many old friends.  This past year I was home at very odd periods of time and so everyone was always in school.  We’ve spent some good days on the lake.  I got way to much sun (my nose might peel for weeks!)… now all I’m ready for is a good movie night with some of the girls and a bonfire!

Now I have a list of things that need to be painted.  Yes, I know, Welcome Home…to mannual labor!!! Things to tape, things to paint.  Enjoy the great weather we’re having!

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hilary says:

    Hey, saw your tweet about “trying” to fly with spare rounds in your carry-on…I’ve done that before except it was a loaded magazine! yikes! I too thought I wouldn’t be able to fly but they told me not to worry it happens all the time.

    • cmalcolm says:

      I had my clips in my bag this spring coming through munich…made the security agent pretty upset. Got home to find they only threw away three out of the four in my backpack! I guess we’ve all just been really lucky so far. I’ve heard some horror stories of biathletes coming through JFK…

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