Greatest Job in the World?

The answer. Yes.  I have the world’s greatest job.  I might not be “finically stable”…but I get to do what I love, every day, and thats worth it!

After a long travel day back to the eastern portion of the country I was welcomed back to Lake Placid just in time to celebrate a beautiful 4th of July!  Town was buzzing.  The weather was beautiful.  After a semi-disasterous interval workout in the morning (tired tired travel legs) I spent the day soaking up the sun, listening to great music, eating tasty food.  Took part in the local parade, where we looked very patriotic, and listened to some more good music.  We watched the firework show over mirror lake from a “private” roof top perch…it took a boost from a hand rail and a shove to get up there but it was well worth it.

I’m transitioning back into training again after last weeks rest week at home.  My body is still a little lethargic but my mind is amped to be moving again.  This morning I headed out early to get in a little ascent and quick descent of mount marcy!  I was early enough headed out that I had to clear spider webs all the way to the dam.  However, I can now confirm that the “spider stick” works.  After a minor panic attack being covered in webs I ran with a stick and just sort of swatted them out of my way as I went.  Effective and only sort of silly looking…maybe?

I passed a lot of hikers on my way to the summit.  I would let out an “excuse me” followed by a “goodmorning” and in exchange would get “you’re running up the mountain? you’re crazy!”  It was even better on the return trip, “You’re still running!?”…and I would say, “Yep, its my job!” with a huge goofy grin on my face.

I made it back to my car.  Out of water for the last three miles.  Covered in mud despite several baby pit stops to splash in all the streams along the way but still grinning.  …and no worse for ware.

Four hours check.  Food. Shower. Power Nap. Afternoon coffee break (always a good thing). and then back out on the skis for two more hours of classic fun.

Six hours. check.  A satisfying days work.  Oh the perks of being a full time endurance athlete right?

I’m plum tuckered out.  My legs are questioning my need to punish them.  But I’m happy and stoked to get on my bike in the morning for another four hours before the rain rolls in!

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