Alive, yes we are. Alive and well!

We made it.  After a little over 7 hours of pedaling Annelise, Sara, Susan and I rolled into the OTC parking lots and promptly laid down.  I just knew I didn’t want to be standing or much less sitting any longer.  And I so laid on the sidewalk with my helmet on and didn’t move. It was wonderful.

It was terribly hot yesterday.  …and yes at points it was miserably hot.  I found myself missing the head wind when ever it would disappear briefly.  Patrick and Jonne were great.  They kept hoping ahead of us with the cars and were always there to refill our water bottles right when we are were running out.  They provided great encouragement for us all the way up keene hill.  And trust me, I needed it, and it worked.

100 miles, 8 water bottles, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a snickers bar later I was back in Lake Placid.  Back to air conditioning. Back to a comfy bed. Back home?  maybe.  I’m happy to be back, and happy to be in one piece.  I’m a little sore and a little tired…but very pleased. happy. and content.

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