Favorite Things

My Favorite things…the work out edition.

What is my favorite workout?  Uphill intervals.   Uphill intervals, especially ones at threshold!  I mean really, they might just be my favorite thing in the world. (okay ice cream is up there too)

Looking at the plan for the week I knew most of my training would be flexible and allow me to really do whatever I please.  There were a few guidelines of course.  So when my coach said, “Try to find a place to fit in 30-45mins of L3″  I thought…”Whiteface!”

I don’t know what it is about doing intervals up the access road.  I just really love it.  After warming up around the base  and lower trails I  take off.  The only goal.  Keep moving towards the top.   Its a combination of running, ski bounding, and ski walking.  But steadily I make my way up the hill and into the fog.

Maybe I’m crazy but I think I love these workouts so much because they are so easy.  They’re really simple.  Go uphill. Hard.  Just me and the mountain.  I really like it that way, just me and the mountain.

Slowly I move my way into the fog.  The visibility getting worse and worse. Today I’m not following the sound of my team mates skis poles.  I’m sweaty and gross and slipping on mud and rocks…and I’m loving it.  …But soon enough I run out of hill and my work is done for the day.  Slowly making my way back down to the base of the mountain and my car I couldn’t be happier!

It was a good morning. Just me and the mountain.


One thought on “Favorite Things

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, you write so nicely, so I with pleasure have read your blog from the beginning “Where was I now?”. For that reason I can wish you for the NCH so as to you will show that the second place in skiing (Individual) in OECH was not only fortune and also you will be faster than ever before in shooting as you have planed after JWCH. And of course, the low number of penalty loops, ideally 2×0 and 4×0.

    Corrine, you are perhaps not the hottest aspirant for the victories in these races but it is on the other side your advantage. You can disappoint nobody, possibly only you yourself.

    Good luck!

    Cao Radek, CZE

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